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Not your ordinary love stories

Angel Rose has been writing dark romance since 2014. She is driven to create characters from the forgotten world which surrounds us all. The unlucky, the downtrodden, and those who simply never had a chance. Despite the life they find themselves in or, perhaps because of it, you feel for them and their struggles. You want them to succeed. You want them to catch the proverbial "break" they deserve. The reader needs them to win for once in their lives. It is romance which pulls her stories together. The hope of love as the last bastion of happiness for those who have none is what her readers crave. She forces those who turn a page to believe that love really can conquer all.

If you're ready to go where you have never been before and are ready to believe in love again, Angel Rose will take you where you need to go. Angel lives in New York with her loving husband of many years. A happy, working mother of two, Mrs. Rose enjoys spending time with her family when she is not writing.